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And so it started...

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Sperry Boat Shoes

"Wanna go to the Annapolis Boat Show tomorrow?" asked my hubby. Hmm, I'm not terribly interested in boats, but he is. And the cold, wet spring weather had turned a beautiful 72 degrees and sunny. I was longing to get outside. "Sure," I said.

The Spring Boat Show is smaller than the Fall, but it was still packed with people and boats. Everyone was clearly enjoying the warm, slightly breezy day. We only had a couple hours, so I suggested we look at a few catamarans. We had looked a monohulls in the years past and I knew for a fact I could never live on one. Too tippy. Too small. Too below the waterline.

We boarded a couple older catamarans, but weren't impressed. They felt like RVs on the water with lots of white (or yellowing) plastic and "boaty" veneers. Not my bag.

Then we boarded a 2018 Fountaine Pajot "Lucia" 40. Now, this was a nice boat! It felt like an apartment... an apartment you could take with you when you traveled. I wandered around the cabins, the galley, the cockpit... images of living in that space started to take root. The salesman asked if we wanted to join the presentation about owning a boat as a business -- it was starting in 5 mins. I'm normally the first to pass on a sales presentation, but to my hubby's surprise, I said yes. We took two seats in the front row.

The presentation was a boring PowerPoint deck and the salesman droned on in his I've-given-this-presentation-a-hundred-times voice, but there were enough tidbits of information that possibly related to The Amazing Ocean that I made us stick through it. We checked out a couple more yachts, but went back and took a second look at that FP Lucia. I took the salesman's card.

Two weeks later, while in DSW looking for a pair of shoes for my daughter, I picked up a pair of Sperry topsiders. I'd never owned boat shoes... never needed to. But something made me try them on. They fit! So I bought them.

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