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Where have you been - and what happened with the boat?

It's been a busy time since we last posted. Like all of you, we're juggling career and family obligations, while also pushing ahead with future goals. As we explained a couple of years ago, ultimately we desired to buy a platform to explore the world's oceans and....drum roll please... we've done it! Meet SV Voyager!

Voyager is a Lagoon 420, a very spacious catamaran and ideally suited as a global exploration vessel and dive platform. As you can see, she was previously name Wahoo, but we're well into the process of changing all that over. It's actually a pretty involved process including Coast Guard registration, updating emergency communications, and modifying positioning technology. On the branding side, we've got our logo done and look forward to officially naming the vessel in the spring - completing the process.

What are the short-term goals? We completed the first objective and that was to bring her home to Maryland from Vero Beach, Florida. We're chronicling that month-long experience through a series of short YouTube videos you can find here: Our ICW Adventure.

We'll be spending the next couple of years exploring the Chesapeake and upgrading and refitting Voyager for ocean passages. We will be sailing her back to Florida and then on for an extended cruise to the Bahamas over the winter of 2024-25. We'll explore the reefs, wrecks, flora, fauna, and cultural aspects of the Bahama Archipelago. The Bahamas are consists of over 700 island and cays. It's our goal to record our explorations and discoveries and bring them to you on our YouTube channel! There's some iconic dives in the Bahamas so we're obviously very excited for all the adventures!

Stay tuned.... more ahead!

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